Sun/Screen/Scan, 2018, The New York Public Library

I made these prints by scanning the screens I got from disassembling computer monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones - all devices we touch, that we are intimate with, and that replace natural sun light in our lives. While making the scans, I placed the scanner into sunlight with the lid removed. The resulting images are effectively scans of sunlight through screens: a hybrid scan/photogram. In the process, all the intimate history of the screen's use is registered in the image. I applied the Photoshop “cyanotype” pre-set filter over the images to emphasize the disparity between the new digital screen, the process of digital scanning, and the historical aspect of sunlight and photography that is the cyanotype.
Sun/Screen/Scan, 2018, 192 archival ink-jet prints, variable dimensions, installation at The New York Public Library, New York, 2018
Below: details from Sun/Screen/Scan, 2018