Out of Order: Used Office Desks and Used Office Plants for Sale, RVB Book, 2014

The book is unbound, with the images folded in half and cradled together. A red elastic holds the pages and cover together. The book contains:  

- Images of Used Office Desks for Sale - folded into the book, the images get broken up with intersecting pages so that each desk is incomplete unless the book is pulled apart.

- Repurposed and unstapled (and therefor out of order) pages of Out of Order: Used Office Desks for Sale (ink book), and inserted between the folded images of the desks. Un-bound (set free, so to speak) – they create hybrid desks and puzzle-like geometric compositions within their own spreads and with those they are set against, further abstracting the ideologies they represent.

- Inserted among, and slicing through these mismatched desks are folded images of the Used Office Plants for Sale. They too become hybridized, one plant grafted onto another, creating a strange new office horticulture.

- A 8.5” x 68” text piece listing all the bank failures in the United States from 2008 – 2013 from the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation via Wikipedia wraps around the pages into an accordion at the back of the book.

- An essay by Clément Chéroux, Curator of Photography at the Centre Pompidou

Order Out of Order: Bad Display at RVB Books