Everyone’s Photos Any License (1,190,505 Full Moons on Flickr, 2004–2019), is a two-part record of information found by running a search using the keyword “full moon” on the photo-sharing platform Flickr, using the platform’s search filters “Everyone’s photos” and “Any license”.
Part 1 is a leporello print made from a continuous screenshot of these search results (1,190,505 images uploaded since its inception), recording then the huge stockpile of images on the platform, typically only seen on screen a few at a time. The 2nd part is compiled from the text associated with each image, including the photographer’s name, the description, the type of license selected, as well as the camera’s technical EXIF data that was uploaded with each image. This text is a meditation on the moon in two languages: the romantic voice of the photographer at the time when the moon was photographed and the camera’s technical data recorded at that same moment. As a reference point to engage dialogue, a transparent movable print is included of a high-resolution image of the moon that NASA makes available for free on its website.