Screen Sun, 2014
Single-channel digital video
46 sec excerpt from 35 min


Screen Sun (2014), comprises photographs of images of the sun (the original light source) that I cropped from thousands of sunset images shared on the web. I gathered the images into a single ‘slideshow’, each image slowly dissolving into the next. As the ‘slides’ progress, the varying resolution/pixel grid of each image is superimposed on another, resulting in a constantly shifting moiré pattern. This well-known moiré phenomenon is further amplified by videoing the slideshow with my iPhone. Here, the image sensor on the iPhone conflicts with the resolution of the computer monitor and the pixel grid of the images, creating a single sun dissolving into and out of the screen.

Screen Sun draws attention to the materiality of the screen and further distances us from the natural sunlight source of the original images. It is a meditation on simulated light activated to produce images of natural light derived from digital images found online of a natural light source (the sun) it is a dialogue between analogue and digital; natural and simulated; surface and screen; projection and reception.

Sun Screen (Camera Obscura), 2015
Looped digital video animation of sun images found on the internet, color, silent; 23:20 minutes, LED monitor in outdoor enclosure, two 70mm acrylic lenses
Interior of camera obscura: 96 x 118 x 137
Installation at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, 2015
Installation at The Photographers Gallery, London, 2015