Mirrors (from Catalogs and Home Décor Websites), 2001 - 2011

Mirrors were taken directly from mail-order catalogs and brochures displaying idealized room suites. I scanned the mirrors, isolating them from their surroundings, and digitally skewed them back into a flat perspective, to bring them into the space of the viewer. I have enlarged the images to the dimensions of the actual size of the mirror being sold in the catalog. The Mirrors are then mounted face forward to non-glare laser-cut plexi-glass and hung on the wall as a real mirror would. While the mirrors in these catalogs serve to locate the viewer within the space by reflecting what would be behind them, all the seductive trappings arranged in mirror's reflection become surrogates for the missing reflection of the viewer - the viewer witnesses their own disappearance and replacement by sellable objects.








Out of Place: Mirrors and Doors from Catalogs, publication produced in the occasion of the show Out of Place at Julie Saul Gallery, NY, 2002
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