Private residence (From Home Improvement and Home-decor Magazines, 2006-2008

Images in home improvement magazines and websites, are abundant with perfect domestic settings. There, arrangements of flowers and fruit often reference the history of art, as seen in the art books included as props in these images. I searched these magazines and websites for still lifes that I could name from the history of art, and found there in the periphery small Chardins, Roger Fentons, Edward Steichens. I digitally scanned these little arrangements of perfectly placed fruits and flowers, and printed them in black and white on metallic paper, adjusting them in Photoshop and applying Photoshop photo-grain filters, to look like 19th century daguerreotypes.

As the first art historical expression of domestic perfection, (with its attendant implications of wealth, privilege and control), the still life is easily utilized, through the pervasive photographic image, to promote the promise of domestic bliss. My intent in using these collective still life images is to draw attention to their construct and seductive use.

Classic Still Lifes (From Home Improvement and Decor Magazines), 2007
Archival digital prints
Each 5 x 5 in

In Pillow/Gutter (2007), I recorded interruptions of space—where surfaces merge between the flat plane of the page, the physical dimensionality of the gutter of the book, and the illusionistic dimensionality of the image on the page. I concentrated on images of pillows I found in the gutters of the home-decor catalog bindings. The pillows seemed strangely abundant; in one catalog, I counted 241 pillows in its 176 pages. Airy, fluffy, and comforting, pillows seem to play a pivotal role in the invitation to vicariously inhabit these idealized spaces. On beds, pillows are the ultimate promise of dreamy fantasies that center on desire and intimacy—they invite you to slip between the covers and be intoxicated by in-between-ness.

Pillow/Gutter, 2007
Archival digital print
Set of 15 - each 20 x 30 in

Pillow/Gutter #7077, 2007
Archival digital print
20 x 30 in

Pillow/Gutter #7230, 2007
Archival digital print
20 x 30 in

Double Leonardo, 2007
Archival digital print
Each 20 x 30 in

Bookcase/Gutter, 2006
Archival digital print
Each 26 x 40 in

Instances of Books Being Read
Digital mock-up

Instances of Books as Pedestals, 2007
Archival digital print
Set of 7 - variable size

Instances of Books Being Read (11 Objects), 2006
Archival digital print
Variable size

Instances of Casually Flung Clothing, 2006
Archival digital print
Set of 5 - variable size

Bed Role (2006), is a video pan of collaged together pages from home-décor catalogs with images of beds on them. The beds in these catalogs play a pivotal role in the invitation to vicariously inhabit these idealized homes with their flawless fictional families. Their abundant fluffy pillows and perfectly rolled down bedding promise dreamy fantasies around desire and intimacy.

In making this video I was interested in the play between presenting a convincing seductive space and revealing the construct of that space. My camera creates a lifelike movement through the interior space of the catalog, but occasionally I purposely capture catalog numbers or reflections of studio light bouncing off the pages, creating a rupture in the believability of the idealized space videotaped.

Bed Role, 2006
Single-channel digital video
3:03 min excerpt from 15:00 min